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Teens Step Up, Inc. is an after-school enrichment program that provides “Step” instruction to youth ages 12- 19.  By incorporating culture, fitness and leadership, our program achieves its goal of improving self-esteem and building character.

Led by Mr. Charles, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. A New Jersey native and former Step Master of Boyz Step Team, Mr. Charles led Dem Boyz to numerous Step Competition Championships, including the First Annual “Stomp the Yard” Super Stomp National Step Competition in 2006, which aired on ESPN 2. With its roots in African Dance, this increasingly popular art form is his connection to his past, a past rich with beauty, culture, and strength. 

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By utilizing the art form of “step”, we aim to make the connection of movement with progress that empowers youth to develop and identify stronger communication skills and social responsibility.

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